Amex Mobile Customer Reviews:


Get fingerprint support or atleast save password or have a 4 digit pin for app.



Great app! Easy, convenient, crash-free

I just love it! Easy, convenient, and crash-free.

Not supported, OK... bye

Tried to use the app today and after login it popped up message that the app was no longer supported. OK... bye.

No biometric login

There is no finger print login support for this app where as the ios version has that. When can we expect that feature in Android too

Need touch id

Need touch login.. Otherwise good

I expect more from Amex....

Stil no fingerprint login...seriously?! The new format is confusing to follow...why are pending transactions mixed up with posted? Also, LOSE THE ADVERTISEMENTS!!! For an example of a great app, take notes from Capital One

I get to the log in screen and when I enter my credentials and it tries to log me in, I see an error message that says "We are sorry, this app is no longer supported. Visit the Android Play store to download the newest version or exit". I have the newest version, I uninstalled and reinstalled it multiple times. I am on a Pixel running Android 7.1 and cannot get this to work.

No Biometric login yet!

The world has moved on...but you have not yet provided a fingerprint scan feature.. wen r u planning to launch it... DCU, bank of America, Ally and other banks already have it


Latest version dosent even start

The old app needs to come back

The previous app separated pending and posted transactions. Yet, in the new release they are combined, this is not productive. Further, as others have stated adding Amex offers into the recent activity is tacky. I strongly urge Amex to revert back to the old app. If it works why change it?

Was great... but

Now the new UI design makes it messy and unclear.

Love the notifications

Notifications are instant. Really appreciate that.


Clearly the best credit card company and best app.

No fingerprint login.

Where are my other cards?


Is there no fingerprint for this app? Coming from iOS, and the app had fingerprint sign-in.

Login issues appear resolved. Would be nice to have a way to redeem cash back directly in app like Discover.

Love it

Push notification doesn't work

Latest update

Latest update UI is a downgrade from previous version. Activity is very jumbled with offers and activity is difficult to read between last statement, pending, posted. Recommend reverting back as older version was much cleaner.

Love it!

This app just keeps getting better and better!

Still behind other banking apps. On my iPhone 6 it was the first banking app to support TouchID but on my Galaxy 6 no fingerprint ID as of yet. BofA, Ally Bank, Alliant Crédit Union, ADP, all have fingerprint ID but not Amex. We also need the ability to look at the FICO credit score like on the website, BofA shows the FICO score in there app why can't Amex!! Also every time I log into the app it asks me to allow Amex notifications. ANNOYING!

Remove The Advertisements

Very low class to put Ads in the list of transactions.

Incorporate fingerprint authentication..

Cool app! Would be cooler if it provided an alternative way to log on, such as using your fingerprint or with a 4 digit pin. Having a password with a combination of letters, numbers, and a special character is a pain to put in at times.

Latest update great example of how to ruin app

I have been quite happy with this app until now. The latest change mixing pending items in with posted items makes it hard to keep track of how much one should expect coming next. In addition mixing AMEX offers into the activity page is just mocking users. Whoever did the redesign of this update needs to go back to UI design school #fail

Great Design

Very easy to use and a useful app.


I would give it 5 if it had s finger print entry.

Very easy to use


Works great.

Ideas for improvement

Won't start up

Aperantly, it doesn't start up and no fix???


Took a great App and destroyed it with idiotic layout changes, removal of detailed info and pretending to add features they did not. I will not only severely reduce my usage of this App, but also my AMEX cards. If they can't be trusted to correctly deploy something as simple as an android app, why would I deal with them for anything else... Seriously!

Google Pixel XL Fingerprint Sensor!!

I'm ready for fingerprint sign-in on my Google Pixel XL. Make it happen, Amex! Useful app otherwise.

Waiting for finger print support!

Amex card

Sounds great

No finger print reader to login

It has everything on the moving which is nice, but no finger print login. Boo.

Can't get app to work

Keep trying to log on using the app, and it just freezes or gives me a notice that it's stopped working.

I was very disappointed in your app for Android. 1. The application does not list transactions that have been denied due to a mistake in your fraud detection algorithm. What good is the application if it can tell me about the problem transactions? FYI, I purchase multiple items on amazon at the same time. Amazon split the transactions by store. Some when through, one didn’t. I would be really helpful if you told me which part of my purchase didn’t go through with some details. 2. In the middle of the recent transactions list, there was an ad for Lyft. For god’s sake DO NOT PUT ADS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SCREEN!!! I need to use my phone for business. If applications are posting ads, I remove the app. My phone first and foremost needs to be a phone. I do not have a land line. While you may think ads are acceptable, too many other organization also feel the same and the amount of advertising is overwhelming the phone interface. If you want the phone application to be used for real-time checks on purchase and other fraud preventing functions, then take the ads out! Otherwise the app will get the reputation of being just another marketing app and igno

Outstanding simplicity

Extremely easy to use, well designed app. However, I would appreciate an option to login with the fingerprint.